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A friend once exclaimed, ‘You have started the needlepoint rescue society.’ I think she may be correct.”

Every needlepoint has a story to tell. Every piece carries with it the mark of the hands who painstakingly stitched it years ago. The colorful stitches, faded to a beautiful patina that only comes with time and love, provide a glimpse into the past, someone’s past. Maybe they learned to stitch at their grandmother’s knee, maybe they created this piece for someone special, maybe it was passed down from generation to generation. At C’est Chouette Home, I scour flea markets and antique stores to find these lovingly crafted pieces and breathe new life into timeworn treasures. Though delicate in appearance, these needlepoints have resisted the ravages of time. Sometimes I am lucky enough to find a note or a date, but oftentimes their original stories have been lost. Using carefully selected silks, tassels, and trims, I lovingly turn each needlepoint into a tuffet or pillow and, stitch by stitch, give it a new story to tell.

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